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Project Management can be a very challenging activity.

There are numerous styles and methodologies that can be applied, dependent on the project requirement.

There are many views on what makes a successful project, equally there are a number of key factors that contribute to project success – Clear published requirements, project controls and good communication are all important, as is how the project is managed.

There are three key elements for Project delivery that are normally represented as a triangle:


Generally the accepted rule is that a project can successfully deliver two of the three elements. Achieving all three is very difficult, so understanding this rule and the impact on a delivery plan is important.

Tall Man Solutions Delivering Projects

Tall Man Solutions has many years of experience in delivering organisational and national projects in the public sector for the Police Service, Home Office and several projects of varying complexity in the private sector.

Projects have been diverse, Tall Man Solutions’ success has been based on methodical planning and implementation, clear communications and a pragmatic approach.

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